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A heartfelt thanks to all our volunteers who have offered to coach or assistant coach for MYSA.  Please take advantage of the tools provided here to help make your coaching experience a great one, for you and for you kids.

"F" Course Coaching License

Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association has developed a new on-line "F" course for coaches.  The link for the course is

One of the benefits of taking this course is the access it enables to coaching materials and practice plans.  There's even a system that allows you to enter your own plans and drills. 

Here are some more details about the course:


The “F” license is a 2-hour course, conducted entirely online, intended for all parents and coaches of youth players. The focus of this grassroots course is to share U.S. Soccer’s best practices in creating a fun, activity-centered and age-appropriate environment for 5-8 year old players.


The “F” license course is open to all applicants at least 16 years of age.


In order to register for the course, candidates will first be required to sign up for a user account in the U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center - a state of the art online educational platform.

The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete. However, candidates can stop, rewind, or restart the webinars as often as needed.  After registering for the course, candidates are granted access to the course content for 12 months. The course may be successfully completed at any time during this period


The F course is broken into four key modules: Kick-off, 1st Half, Halftime and 2nd Half. The following webinars make up the required components of the course:



 1st Half

Designing an Activity
Designing a Lesson Plan


Laws of the Game
Prevention and Care
Nutrition and Hydration

2nd Half

Small Sided Games
Facilitator Games
U6 Activities
U8 Activities



Following each webinar, candidates are required to complete a series of multiple-choice questions. To successfully complete each webinar, all checks for understanding must be answered correctly. To maximize comprehension and facilitate learning, candidates will have multiple attempts to correctly answer all questions.

To register for the F license, go to

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