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Mountain Top

Youth Soccer Association

Please review our Rules of Play, paying special attention to matters of safety, fair play, and appropriate apparel.

        Summary of MYSA Playing Rules

Players in the U-5, U-6, U-7, and U-8 age groups shall play on co-ed teams in the Mountain Top league. Coaches in these age groups shall have the option, with approval of the Board of Directors, to place a team in the Wyoming Valley Soccer League. Player participation in this league shall be strictly voluntary at ages U-8 and younger. Age groups U-9 and older shall be placed on same-gender teams and will play in the Wyoming Valley Soccer League.  A detailed  description of WVSL rules is available at​

Ball size:
U-5 through U-8 shall use a #3 ball.
U-9 through U-12 shall use a #4 ball.
U-13 and older shall us a #5 ball.
One game ball will provided for each team. It will be the responsibility of the age group coordinator to issue each coach in his or her age group the correct size ball.

Length of game:  

U-5*, U-6* (3 v 3) play 8-minute quarters. 

U-7* (4 v 4) play 10-minute quarters. 

U-8 through U-10 (8 v 8) play 30 minute halves.

U-11 and U-12 (11 v 11) play 30 minutes halves.

U-13 and U-14 (8v8) play 35 minutes halves.

U-15 and older (8v8) play 40 minute halves.

All games will be played in quarters with a 2-minute break after the first and third quarters. A 5-minute break is allowed after the second quarter. 

*Note on U-5, U-6 and U-7 games: – These games will be stopped half-way through each quarter for one minute to allow the coach to switch players.

Goalie Play:

U-5 through U-7:  No Goalie on the field

U-8 and older: Goalie plays.


U-7 through U10:  After each quarter/half

U11-U18:  On a team's throw in, or by either team before a goal kick or after a goal is scored.  

An injured player attended to on the field must be removed from the game.  Substitution is permitted.  Opposing team may substitute an equal number of players.  All substitutions take place at the half-way line.  Injured player may return if cleared to play by the coach - upon team's throw-in or either team's goal kick or score.

Playing time:  All players must play a minimum of two quarters and no player will play four quarters unless everyone else has played three quarters. Coaches are required to rotate players'’ positions. This is a learning league. Everyone should have a chance to learn different positions.

Shoes and shinguards:  All players are required to wear shin guards. Shin guards must be entirely covered by socks. Shoes with molded rubber soccer cleats are recommended but not mandatory. Flat-soled tennis type shoes are permissible. Any player wearing street shoes, boots, sandals, shoes with metal or partially metal cleats or any type shoe dangerous to the player or other players will not be allowed to play. Anyone violating this rule will be sent off the field.

Jewelry and clothing:  No jewelry (earrings, watches, or metal or plastic hair clips will be allowed in games or at practice. Referees will check players’ equipment before games and coaches are to check before each practice. All players will wear a like-colored shirt to games. The goalkeeper must wear a shirt color contrasting both teams’' shirt colors. Shirts must be tucked into the shorts. Long pants and sweat shirts are allowed on cold days; however, the team jersey must be worn on the outside. No hats allowed on the field except stocking caps. The goalkeeper is allowed to wear a hat to keep the sun out of his or her eyes providing it has a soft brim. Baseball type hats and hooded sweat shirts are not allowed.

Referees: Referees have the final say in all game situations. This is from the time a game starts and continues after the game ends until all coaches, players, and parents have left the soccer facilities. Any coach or parent verbally abusing a referee shall be told to leave the field. Any person physically abusing or threatening to physically abuse a referee shall be reported to the police immediately. Referees shall inspect the players’' equipment on both teams before each game. Anything deemed dangerous must be removed or the child will not be allowed to play. Referees shall also inspect the goals and make sure they are firmly staked or fastened to the ground.

Referees not showing up:  If the referee doesn'’t show up for a game, the game will still be played. A person picked from the sidelines and agreed upon by both coaches will referee the game. This person must be at least two years older than the age group of the teams involved. If an agreement cannot be made between the opposing coaches, each coach shall referee two quarters.

Starting and ending games on time:  All games shall start at the scheduled time. Any team not having enough players at the starting time will be given a 15-minute grace period to allow for players showing up late. Coaches may borrow players from the opposing team if an agreement can be made between the coaches. No coach shall be allowed to use players from any other team except the opposing team. If a gentleman'’s agreement cannot be reached between the opposing coaches, the team short players must play short-sided. Any game not starting on time must still end on time. If the game is not over at the scheduled starting time of the next game, the referee shall end the game with the score standing at such time. The only exception to this rule is a referee stopping a game for an injury. It shall be his or her discretion to add time at the end. Soccer is an all-weather sport therefore games will be played rain or shine with the following exceptions:
1. All players will leave the field immediately if lightening is in the area.
2. If the referee judges the field dangerous because of ice, standing water, or mud.
3. The owner of the field may cancel games if he/she feels that play will damage the field.

Cancellations and make-up games:  A coach may cancel a game for a legitimate reason WITH THE APPROVAL OF THE AGE GROUP COORDINATOR. The age group coordinator must approve cancellations. Make-up games must be arranged at the convenience of the opposing coach. In age groups U-11 and older, you must have 8 players to start a game. Any coach short players but still having 8 available players will NOT be allowed to cancel a game. Any U-9 and older games canceled by a Mountain Top coach and not made up will result in a fine to MYSA. If this happens, the coach must appear at an MYSA Board meeting to explain the reasons for the cancellation.

Cancellation Rules for Ages U8 and older
MYSA coaches for ages U-8 and older may not cancel a game later than the Wednesday prior to the game.  Cancellations later than Wednesday, are subject to a $25 cancellation fee payable to MYSA, to help defray the cost of referee fees for the canceled game.  Notification must be made to the referee coordinator, to the opposing coach, and to the MYSA reschedule coordinator.  This does not apply to games canceled because fields have been closed by the league due to inclement or unsafe conditions.

Linesmen:  At the referee’'s discretion, two linesmen will be appointed (one from each team). It will be the linesman’'s job to notify the referee when the ball has entirely crossed over the sideline. The linesman shall not make “offsides” nor any other call unless instructed or requested by the referee.

Coaches: – Communication is critical throughout any organization. New information, announcements, etc. will be given to you by your age group coordinator. Likewise, any questions you may have should be asked through your coordinator.