Mountain Top Youth Soccer Association

PO Box 102, Mountain Top, PA 18707

Mountain Top

Youth Soccer Association

MYSA offers a recreational soccer program to more than 750 youngsters in our area.  As a rec soccer program, we aim to provide kids with a fun learning experience and a healthy outdoor activity, but we don't subscribe to the "travel soccer" goals of trying out for teams, or trying to form the strongest team possible, or emphasizing winning over learning.

We hope all of our players and teams have a fun and fulfilling experience, on and off the pitch.  So to the extent practical, we like all of our teams to be reasonably competitive, so every player can experience the thrill of (at least some) victories, and the disappointment of (at least some) defeats.

We encourage our coaches to avail themselves of the teaching tools available to them, so they can help every player learn new skills, and develop as much as they can their physical, mental and emotional capabilities.

More than anything, as parents and coaches, we strive to set a good example for our kids by demonstrating good sportsmanship, by treating referees, opponents and teammates with respect, and by helping our kids understand the intricacies and nuances of this, "the beautiful game."