Future Referees

Published: August 24, 2023

The Mountaintop Soccer Youth program has been in existence for 34 or 35 years. As the years pass us by, we are finding it difficult to get individuals interested in becoming grassroots soccer referees. Referees play one of the most vital roles on the field. One good or bad call has the potential to turn the tide of a game within seconds. Whether you’re a parent, player, or coach, you’ve seen great referees and not-so-great referees. If you’ve ever thought to yourself (or heard someone else say), “He should have made a call. That was so obvious!” or “That was great call. I would have done the same thing.” Or “I wish I could be more involved or give back to my child’s team.”, then you or that person should consider becoming a grassroots referee. As a referee, we have three primary functions: control the game, prevent injury, and to teach.

Club directors, coaches, and parents, if each club contributed at least four or five trained and committed officials every year, we would have fewer headaches, and we would have more well-officiated games. One of the biggest hurdles of organizing any respectable event is finding soccer referees who are knowledgeable and willing to dedicate themselves to the game. Increasing our local referee pool also helps save current referees from burnout.

If we want to keep this league going for future generations, please consider stepping up and getting certified as a grassroots referee. It’s not difficult. Just consider being there for the children.

Thank you,

Ken Jordan

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