League Rules

League play shall be governed by the rules of FIFA, USSF, USYSA and MSYSA and are governed to guidance by the MSA bylaws and constitution.

  1. The use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs is restricted by LAW and will not be permitted anywhere on soccer grounds. Violators will be asked to leave the area and will be subject to prosecution.
  2. Abusive and inappropriate language is not permitted. This includes coaches, players, spectators, and referees.
  3. No pets are allowed at the fields, except in cases of service pets.
  4. Head coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, assistant coaches, and team supporters.
  5. All questions and requests from players, assistant coaches, parents, and team supporters shall be channeled through the Head coaches. Parents and supporters are reminded to not engage with the referees.
  6. Players and coaches ejected from games will be penalized by sitting out their next scheduled game. Coaches ejected shall leave the 30-yard perimeter surrounding the field.
  7. If a player is ejected, replacement will not be allowed. The team must play short.
  8. If a coach is ejected, game may continue with a suitable replacement.
  9. Protests shall be for matter of rule application only and will be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $25.00.
  10. Each team will police the field area for trash before leaving.
  11. All scheduled games will be played regardless of weather, unless stopped by the referee. In U6 and U8, coaches will determine together if play is appropriate.
  12. Only 2 coaches per team are permitted on the pitch during games.
    In U6 and U8, coaches are permitted on the field.
    In U10, the coaches may utilize the entire Touch Line.
    In U12 and U15, coaching shall be limited to their area between the penalty areas.

  13. A 3-yard area running parallel to the Touch Lines will be kept unobstructed for the linesmen and throw-ins. Coaches will yield right-of-way to linesmen.
  14. All parents and fans must be on the opposite side of the field from the teams. No one is permitted to stand behind the goals or the goal line.
  15. Each team will provide 1 club linesman, if needed.
  16. All players must wear shin guards and soccer socks. Socks must be pulled over the shin guards.
  17. Each player of a team will wear the league issued uniform. The goalkeeper must wear a garment of a different color than the other players and the referee.
  18. Soccer shoes with molded cleats and tennis shoes will be allowed. Cleats with a front molded toe cleat are not permitted.
  19. Jewelry and potentially dangerous apparel may not be worn. Covering jewelry with tape is not permitted.
  20. Knit hats without bills may be worn during cold weather. The goalkeeper will be allowed a soft billed cap at the discretion of the referee.
  21. Only approved safety glasses may be worn on the field of play.
  22. U6 and U8 shall work on beginning skills & fun games with no goalkeeper or referee.
  23. Intentional contact with a goalkeeper when in possession of the ball is forbidden and will be penalized.
  24. Coaches must instruct their female players in alternate methods of fielding the ball when directed at the chest area. Handball will be called if intentional.
  25. The offside rule will be enforced for age groups U10, U12 and U15.
  26. U6 and U8 will inbound balls from the touch lines via a throw-in.
  27. U8 fields will have a Goalie box marked that discourages players from standing directly in front of the goal.
  28. A ball is in play from a dead ball start when it is kicked any distance in any direction. For a goal kick, the ball must move forward and out of the penalty box.
  29. Goalies may not play a ball with his/her hands from a throw-in from the same team.
  30. Substitutions will be allowed, at the discretion of the referee, at the occurrence of any injury, goal kick, after a goal, at the time of own team’s throw-in or corner kick, and by either team at half-time. Substitutions will take place at the mid-field touch line. The substitute may not enter field of play until player being replaced has left the pitch.
  31. Every player in every division shall play the equivalent of at least one-half game.
  32. All U12 and U15 teams will participate in the playoffs at the end of the season.
  33. In the case of a tie in a playoff game, one 5-minute overtime session will be played, followed by penalty kicks, if necessary.
  34. All leagues play with a running clock except for injuries at the referee’s discretion.
  35. Duration of play shall be as follows:
    U6: 2 - 15 minute halves, 10 minutes at half.
    U8: 2 - 25 minute halves, 10 minutes at half.
    U10: 2 - 25 minute halves. 5 minutes at half.
    U12: 2 - 30 minute halves. 5 minutes at half.
    U15: 2 - 35 minute halves. 5 minutes at half.

  36. Number of Players and Field Size shall be as follows. To start the game, all teams must have at least 1 substitute player. If necessary, both teams will reduce the number of players on the field so a substitute is available.
    U6: 5 v 5, 40 x 20
    U8: 6 v 6, 40 x 20
    U10: 7 v 7, 70 x 35
    U12: 9 v 9, 80 x 40
    U15: 11 v 11, 100 x 50

  37. Ball sizes shall be as follows:
    U6 & U8: #3
    U10 & U12: #4
    U15: #5

League Rules Current as of April 5, 2021

The International Football Association Board (IFAB)