Will the game be cancelled if it is raining?
For U10, U12, and U15, games will not be cancelled due to rain. The referees make the determination if the fields and conditions are unplayable, and that decision will not be made until the referees arrive at the fields and make the determination. Please come to the games prepared to play. For U6 and U8, the coaches together at the fields determine if the conditions are too bad to play.

What is the correct Age Division for my child?
Your child’s division is determined by his/her age at the end of the calendar year. For example, if your child will be 10 years old (having a birthday in November) before the end of the current calendar year, your child will be playing in the U10 Division. If your child is 11 years old by December 31 of the calendar year, then your child does not play in the U10 division. He/she plays U12.