MSA Spring Season Wrap-Up Event

Published: June 5, 2021

MSA Parents and Coaches - Mark your calendars for the MSA Spring Season Wrap Up on Saturday, June 19th. Southern High School has graciously given MSA permission hold our wrap-up event on their brand-new turf field. In place of the originally scheduled games at Loch Lynn for June 19th for U10, U12 and U15...we will be having a Round Robin Knockout Tournament for each division at the new high school field. The schedule is tentatively as follows:

U15: 8:30 AM
U12: 10:30 AM
U10: 12:30 PM

In place of all-stars and playoffs for the spring season, the Round Robin Knockout Tournament will consist of ALL teams from each Age Division – each game will last 90 minutes. The game will consist of two teams starting the event (by lottery selection) with 10-minute intervals. Once a goal is scored, the team scored upon is replaced by another team. The team that scored remains in the game. If there has been no score in the 10-minute interval at 3-person shootout takes place to determine the winner of the interval. The game will continue for a 90-minute period with an ultimate winner.

We will also be having skills competitions for U6 and U8 that day!

More details to come...Save the date!

Thank you for your support of MSA Soccer!

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