Picture Day Schedules

Published: September 10, 2018

Picture Days for Mountaintop Soccer are coming up soon! Below is information about both days and the schedules for each.

Photography is provided by Bernie's Photography. Here are a few requests from the photographer:

  • Please show up 15 minutes before photo time
  • Shirts and strings on pants must be tucked in for pictures
  • Name of child and team must be written on outside of envelope

Thank you for your cooperation!


U6 & U8 - September 15, 2018
7:50 AM: Muskies, Sting Rays, Bass, Blue Gills
8:20 AM: Herons, Owls, Eagles, Cardinals
9:00 AM: Sharks
9:10 AM: Pikes
9:20 AM: Walleyes
9:30 AM: Piranhas
9:40 AM: Sparrows
9:50 AM: Orioles
10:00 AM: Flamingos
10:10 AM: Robins
10:20 AM: Penguins
11:00 AM: Eels
11:10 AM: Dolphins

U10, U12, U15 - September 22, 2018
7:50 AM: Blizzards, Cyclones
8:10 AM: Jammers, Pride
8:30 AM: Mutiny, Rapids
9:00 AM: Raiders, United
9:20 AM: Earthquake, Wildfire
9:40 AM: Rangers, Blast
10:50 AM: Hurricanes, Thunder
11:10 AM: Chargers, Crew
11:30 AM: Spirit, Surge
12:30 AM: Lightning, Tsunamis
12:50 AM: Fire, Revolution

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