Spring 2021 Bethany Soccer Camp!

Published: April 6, 2021

Hey MSA parents - as promised, this Saturday, April 10th, Bethany College along with the Southern High Boys and Girls soccer teams will be hosting a Youth Soccer Clinic, free of charge, for all MSA players registered for the spring season at the Loch Lynn Soccer Complex.

The clinics will be two hours long per age-group and will focus on getting the kids back in shape and mindset for the Spring soccer season.

Time schedule is as follows:

1pm - 3pm - Kids in 6U and 8U (age based on the 2020 Fall season)
2pm - 4pm - Kids in 10U (age based on the 2020 Fall season)
3pm - 5pm - Kids in 12U/15U (age based on the 2020 Fall season)

Players will be required to wear a mask to the field. We will also be having an equipment swap that same day at the field!

See you on Saturday - Let’s Play Soccer!

More info to the Spring season coming soon...

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